Alpha Zeta's Officers are made up of an Executive Board and Committee Chairs.

Chancellor (Keeper of the Flock)

The Chancellor presides at all meetings, coordinate the activities of the chapter, appoints chairman of ad hoc and standing committees, serves as an ex-officio member of all committees, and represents the fraternity whenever the occasion arises.

Censor (Master of the Vineyard)

The Censor assumes the duties of the Chancellor if it becomes necessary, supervises all committees, works closely with the Chancellor in coordinating chapter activities, contacts all eligible students about Alpha Zeta membership, plans and coordinates rush parties, prospective member meetings, and initiation, acts as a liaison between the prospective members and the chapter, and censures inappropriate action or conduct of any member of the chapter.

Scribe (Tiller of the Soil)

The Scribe prepares an agenda for each meeting, prepares and presents the minutes of each meeting, attends to chapter correspondence, organizes the spring and fall banquets, keeps attendance, and keeps track of brother points.

Treasurer (Keeper of the Gate)

The Treasurer receives and deposit all funds, maintains neat financial records, prepares treasurer reports for each meeting, and initiates and helps manage fund raisers.

Duties of the Chronicler (Harvester)

The Chronicler documents all chapter happenings through photography, maintains chapter websites, encourages participation of Pin and Key newsletter by seeking a copy for inclusion, arranges for voting and presentation of Student of the Year and Teacher of the Year Awards, updates winners on historical plaques, passes all historical records and property to successor.

Duties of the Sergeant-At-Arms (Bearer of the Light)

The Sergeant-At-Arms assists the Censor in preparations for initiations, takes care of the semester's prospective member class, and serves as a guide during formal initiation.


Alumni Committee, Finance Committee, Fraternal Affairs Committee, Nationals Committee, Outreach Committee, Prospective Member Committee, Scholarship Committee, Service Committee, Social Committee, Special Events Committee