Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are questions from current brothers themselves that they remember thinking of when they were prospective members. If your question isn't here, please don't hesitate to e-mail any of the e-board members. If you feel your question is frequent enough to merit its listing on this page, please e-mail the chronicler! (Click here for a list of current executive board members and their e-mails)

Why Should I join AZ?

Read what brothers have to say about why they joined.

What do we have to do to become members?

Attend meetings, write your paper, complete 5 service hours (this is required of every brother) and come to the great events we have in store!

What should I do for my paper topic?

Make sure you pick a controversial, debatable topic (but not one that's an ethical debate like abortion or stem cell research). The best topic is something you'll enjoy researching about or simply want to learn more about. That way, researching and writing the paper will be a breeze because you'll WANT to be the expert on your paper. Also, we highly recommend that your topic relate to your major as it will be easiest to find scholarly sources. Some examples of past paper topics include: violence in video games, benefits of vegetarian diets, the biochemistry of love, topics on endangered species, environmental issues, pet food, and so much more! If you have any other questions, make sure you contact your Scholarship Committee at

How do you stay connected as a commuter?

Make sure to use your Big and all their resources, and utilize the contact info. and help from fellow prospective members. Also, ask the Censor and Seargent any questions you have as well; its their job to help. For nighttime events or meetings way after you're done class, events never go too late. And if you would feel more comfortable staying over a friend's house, brothers are always willing to oblige.

Where can I find a schedule of events (calendar) for the semester?

Right here!

About how much money should you plan on spending through the semester?

Your big will pay for you for the few events that require money (e.g. Prospective Member-Alumni luncheon), but otherwise, expect to spend money to make paddles and pay dues.

How long is the first ritual night?

The first ritual night lasts from about early evening to around 11 pm, but with large prospective member classes, it could last a little longer.

Is there an easy way to remember dates in terms of Alpha Zeta history?

The dates themselves make everything easy. The number "2" is a prevalent number in the AZ timeline. You just have to go over the dates a couple of times and you'd be surprised at how quickly you can learn them. Listing the dates in order on a timeline certainly helps and writing the list over and over again has helped, too.