Current Prospective Members

Words of Wisdom From Brothers

About Joining Alpha Zeta:

"Alpha Zeta is a WORTHWHILE life-long commitment that helps you make friends for life while helping you build your leadership skills and other job worthy things. You get a chance to give back to your community with a group of fun people. You'll never eat alone in the dining hall. An actual non-hazing fraternity. Girls, even you will be proud to call yourselves brothers"
-Amanda Smith, Cook College '08

"AZ is an amazing opportunity that everyone should be a part of. I am down in NC and I have met people from AZ down here! It was one of the best experiences I have had in college!"
-Jordan Sauer, Cook College '08

"One of the best things about joining Alpha Zeta is you get to make lots and lots of friends!"

"Alpha Zeta allowed me to meet important people in my life that I probably wouldn't have met otherwise."

"Joining was a great way to meet people who rock and are all different. And it was loads of fun!"

"I loved Cook campus and everything about it, but I had a very tough time getting involved. I never felt like I was a welcomed part of the community until I joined AZ. Suddenly, I knew everyone's face around campus, I made friends in my classes, and I really found a place where I belonged. One of the best decisions I made in college!"

Some Tips for Prospective Members:

"Love your brothers. They will be your biggest asset. You will always be able to depend on them."

"You know its going to be a bad day when you're at the CCC at 11:00am and there are no AZ brothers there to watch your stuff while you go to the bathroom."

"Become an agricultural student consecrated to the cause of agriculture."

"Know your AZ facts, but have fun with it."

"Wear sturdy shoes. Always."