Current Prospective Members

What to Know for the First Ritual Night

The Cover
  • The Title:
    • “Initiate’s Handbook, symbol, The Fraternity of Alpha Zeta, Cook Chapter, Cook College, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, Spring 2006
  • The Symbol:
    • There are 16 points on the star which represent the original 16 chapters
    • In front of the star is a flower. This is the AZ flower, the pink carnation.
    • This is the AZ flower because it is the heartiest when cut under water.
    • The “A” has 10 dots representing the 10 original brothers.
    • On the inner shield there are 2 circles. These represent the two founding fathers: John Ferguson Cunningham and Charles William Burkett
    • There are 8 dots on the outer shield. These represent 8 of the 9 ideals.
    • The ninth ideal, Promotion of Agriculture, is the star in the middle of the shield.
    • Finally, there is the eye in the middle. This is the all-seeing eye.

The Letter
  • The title of the letter
  • The main idea of the letter
  • “we-ness”
  • Who wrote the letter and who he is
The History of AZ
  • Date when AZ was founded
  • Where it was founded
  • The full names of the 2 founders
  • Date when Rutgers students formed an agricultural club
  • Where they met and who sponsored them
  • The name of the original club
  • When the charter was sent to the High Council
  • When Cook became a chapter of AZ
  • Our first brother, Brother Potter
  • Know that the Cook chapter was the first to initiate women into the fraternity in 1952.
Biennial Conclave

  • Where and when it was first held
  • What 3 things were established
  • The name of the AZ newsletter

Sister Chapters

  • Cornell
  • University of Florida

Chapters with Houses

  • Cornell
  • Penn State
9 Ideals
At least 2 Prospective Member Objectives

Qualifications for Membership
AZ Colors, Emblem, and Key

Names of Exec Board Members and their Titles